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Our Affordability Guarantee

Our Promise to You

In 2013, Ohio Northern University decided to take a step that would help redefine the future of legal education. We chose to be the first private law school in the country to reduce the price of tuition. We believe our extraordinary outcomes should be accessible to every future law student, and we believe this 25 percent tuition reduction provides every one of our students a more financially secure future. 

Tuition Rates

Year 2013-14 2018-2019 2019-20
Tuition $33,726 $28,250 $29,260

Impact of the Tuition Reduction

Projected median debt will reduce by nearly $26,500

Less borrowing now means greater long-term financial strength for every student. It is projected that with our reduction in tuition, the median debt for ONU Law students will decrease to $79,499, a roughly $26,500 reduction from existing median debt projections. 

ONU Law places last on the list for Projected Debt Owed at First Loan Payment according to


Average fall 2018 scholarship amount was $15,000 | Range $5,000 - $28,000

Each year, ONU Law awards more than $2 million in scholarships to all three class years. Eighty-two percent of the 2018 incoming class received aid in the form of scholarships and/or grants. Our average fall scholarship award was $15,000. 

Value is defined by more than just sticker price

Superior Practical Skills Training

ONU College of Law is committed to providing top quality, hands-on legal education to ensure that every student has access to clinical training and is practice-ready upon graduation. Students are guaranteed the opportunity to enroll in one of 12 unique clinical and externship opportunities. Our in-house clinic does not function like other law school clinics. It operates like a true law firm. Students are assigned clients and are expected to not only meet with them, but also represent their clients from the start of a case, seeing  it through until their clinic tenure is finished. We believe it's the number of hours our students spend interacting with real clients, in courtrooms, and drafting legal documents that defines the true value of experiential learning. A full list of our clinics can be found here.

An Unbelievable Community Feel

Any student, alumni, faculty or staff member will tell you that the community and support you feel while at ONU Law is unlike anywhere else. We are a community that embraces every student, and we're truly interested in their ideas, interests and goals. The relationships you develop with your professors nurture collaboration and create connections that will stick with you long after graduation. Faculty help build a network within all levels of the legal profession, allowing greater familiarity with practicing in the 21st century.


Renowned Faculty and Mentors

ONU Law's faculty members have been educated at the nation's most distinguished law schools and have real experience practicing and teaching throughout the country, bringing to ONU Law a diversity of backgrounds, professional interests and outlooks on legal education. More than 50 percent of ONU Law faculty have earned their Ph.D.s. Learn more about our faculty here

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